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Doc2door integrates the network of the healthcare ecosystem & connects all of them to our cloud-based medical software. 

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We shared a vision for simpler & more accessible healthcare for patients through digital solutions, which lead to a seamless onboarding & integration of cloud-based clinical management available anywhere, anytime.


Powerful tools & software that could assist thousands of doctors to manage their patients systematically

Access, manage, & browse through patients’ medical information & history effectively

Here’s how PracticeDoc delivers an exceptional user experience:

24/7 Instant Booking

Smart Email / SMS System

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automation CRM

Free Follow-ups

Simplifying Clinical Management with:

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Smart Email/SMS System

Get a superior voice calling experience with Prime’s virtual number technology. Practo’s advanced technology allows all calls to your clinic / hospitals to get auto-connected in case of disconnections or failures. If one telecom service provider is experiencing a high call fail rates, Practo technology allows for automatic operator switching, ensuring patient experience is never compromised!

Additionally, all Prime clinics / hospitals also get a secure and private dashboard that stores all call recordings safely for future access.This can only be accessed by the respective clinic/hospital and not Practo.

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24/7 Instant Booking

Online booking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when your clinic / hospital is closed. Patients may not always schedule appointments during office hours and with the option of 24x7 Instant booking, they no longer have to! Multiple surveys show, patients prefer the convenience of self booking as the experience is consistent, and predictable every time! Additionally, by passing on this control to patients, your staff could spend less time over the phone and more time over other administrative tasks.

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Automation CRM

Automation CRM helps medical staff handle appointments, documents, prescriptions, and other patient-related activities at anytime from anywhere. A calendar can automate appointment reminders, track appointments and no-shows, and help reschedule if needed. Automated management of patient information eliminates the need for patients to fill out forms each time.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Integrating AI into the healthcare ecosystem allows for a multitude of benefits, including automating tasks and analysing big patient data sets to deliver better healthcare faster, and at a lower cost.

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Continuity of care via free follow up consults

Patients love it when you check in on them after their visit to the clinic. With the free online follow up feature, your clinic can make sure patient care continues, even after the consultation ends. This is available in all three options: chat, phone call and video call.

Online consults are intended to improve access to care by providing at-home service, efficiently minimising travel and wait time for patients.

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  • Advanced billing & invoicing system
  • Compilation of diagnostic records & notes for future reference
  • 24/7 instant appointment
  • Advanced inventory system
  • Electronic medical records (EMR) including health history, diagnoses, prescriptions & more

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